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Lewis Painter is Games Editor at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK. Lewis has always had an interest in technology, and started writing about his favourite gadgets and phone accessories four years ago. He has a particular interest in the Internet of Things and 'smart' accessories.

Articles by Lewis Painter

  • lets go pokemon news

    Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee release date and gameplay news

    Here’s everything we know about Let's Go! Pikachu and Eevee, from the release date to gameplay details and accessories.

    16 Nov 2018

  • xbox one x review00

    Xbox Two release date rumours, design and more

    We take a look at early Xbox Two release date rumours and speculate on what could be featured.

    16 Nov 2018

  • ps4 vs ps4 pro

    PS4 vs PS4 Pro

    Which is more deserving of your hard earned cash, the PS4 or PS4 Pro? We find out.

    16 Nov 2018

  • ps4 overview screen 01 eu 06sep16

    PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Which should I buy?

    Which is better, the PS4, or the Nintendo Switch?

    16 Nov 2018

  • ps4 pro vs xbox one s new

    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S

    In a head to head between the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, which will win? We've taken an in-depth look at the two consoles

    16 Nov 2018

  • fast travel fallout 76

    How to fast travel in Fallout 76

    With such a huge map to explore, it's sometimes easier to quick travel - but how do you do it in Fallout 76?

    16 Nov 2018

  • asus rog smartphone news

    ASUS ROG Phone: Release Date, Features & Specs

    Asus is the latest manufacturer to develop a gaming-focused smartphone. Here's all we know about the Asus ROG smartphone so far.

    16 Nov 2018

  • ps4 pro and vr review08

    PlayStation 5 (PS5) release date, price, features & spec rumours

    Sony's next console isn't due out for a few years, but that hasn't stopped us from speculating about what it might feature

    16 Nov 2018

  • huawei watch review

    Huawei Watch 2 review

    Second generation smartwatch looks to be your perfect fitness partner

    16 Nov 2018

  • just cause 4 review 7

    Just Cause 4 review: Hands-on

    We’ve played around four hours of Just Cause 4, and here’s what we think about the explosive open world game

    15 Nov 2018

  • echo show review

    Amazon Echo Show review

    The display provides an entirely new way to interact with Alexa, but is the Amazon Echo Show worth £199? Here’s our review.

    15 Nov 2018

  • nintendo switch 2 news

    Nintendo Switch 2 release date rumours, leaks and wishlist

    Here's all you need to know about the Nintendo Switch 2, including a possible release date, the latest leaks and our wishlist.

    15 Nov 2018

  • best electric scooters

    Best Electric Scooters 2018

    Electric scooters are the latest trend, and here are the best you can buy right now in the UK

    15 Nov 2018

  • Denon envaya mini 1

    These are the best cheap Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now

    Check out our latest reviews and buying advice on the best cheap speakers

    15 Nov 2018

  • amazon echo plus 2 review

    Amazon Echo Plus 2 review

    The second-gen Amazon Echo Plus is shorter, louder and better-looking than ever. What's not to like?

    15 Nov 2018

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