We had to wait two long years between Daredevil's second and third seasons (even if the character did grace our screens for 2017's The Defenders crossover) but it was worth the wait for the strong third outing. Now of course there's only one question on our minds: will Daredevil be back for a season four?

As the show that kicked off the Marvel Netflix universe (and one of the best TV shows on Netflix) there are plenty of people hoping for Daredevil to return, not least after season 3 picked up rave reviews and a strong fan response. It also left a few tantalising bits of set-up for another set of episodes, so it's clear that the creators at least hope it'll be coming back.

Will there be a season 4 of Daredevil?

To be honest, we *really* don't know. Ordinarily, it would seem guaranteed: it's a popular show with critical acclaim to boot, the flagship Marvel series on Netflix, and one that's just had some of its best reviews to date.

Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated right now. It was only shortly before Daredevil's third season dropped that Netflix cancelled both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, throwing the future of Netflix's corner of the MCU into doubt. We're still due another season each of Jessica Jones and The Punisher, both of which are in production, but it appears the Disney/Netflix relationship is getting increasingly fractured, setting doubt over Daredevil's fourth season.

Netflix typically announces renewals within a month or so of each season dropping. Since season 3 arrived on 19 October, we'd expect to hear from Netflix by the end of November - and the end of December at the latest. If we haven't heard anything by 2019, it'll be a bad sign indeed for the Man Without Fear.

What will happen in season four?

If Daredevil returns for a fourth season we'd expect all the usual suspects to return (spoilers for season 3 to follow obviously, as it will give away who lives and who doesn't!): Charlie Cox would obviously be back as Daredevil himself, while Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson would have to come back as Karen and Foggy respectively.

Their dynamic will now have to shift a little, as they'll be equal partners in the re-founded law firm, and for the moment have shared all their biggest secrets with one another. That could leave space for Matt and Karen to re-kindle their burgeoning romance, though we suspect some new secrets will have to crop up one way or another.

Vincent D'Onofrio should surely once again appear as the villainous Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. The Kingpin. His return was part of why season 3 was such a step up from season 2, and the season finale left plenty of scope for him to remain a lingering presence from prison, as he works to free himself (again) and wreak his revenge.

With that in mind, we'd also expect Ayelet Zurer to play a prominent role as Vanessa Fisk next time around. She only appear in two episodes of the third season, but her presence and influence was felt throughout. More importantly, she stepped up to play a major role in Fisk's organisation, and we could easily see her taking charge now that the big man is behind bars - potentially especially interesting since Matt appeared to rather underestimate her as a threat in the finale.

Speaking of villains, Wilson Bethel is another almost-guaranteed return. Season was almost the origin story for his Bullseye, and with the season's final scene teasing an experimental surgery to infuse his skeleton with metal, he's surely set to come back amped up (maybe in a proper Bullseye costume...?) and ready for revenge - on both Daredevil and Kingpin, we'd bet, which could lead the show in some interesting directions.

The final prominent returner would surely be Joanne Whalley's Maggie. With the crushing death of Father Lantom (no, we haven't gotten over it) and the revelation that she's actually Matt's mother, she looks set to be the show's spiritual presence/regular reminder that Daredevil is a Catholic for next year. Since Bullseye at least definitely spotted she was helping Daredevil and Karen out, expect her to be in a spot of danger too.

Finally, getting into rampant speculation territory, it's at least possible that Elodie Yung might return as Elektra. Sure, sure, she died under Midland Circle - but so did Daredevil, and that didn't stop him. We're honestly surprised that Matt's survival didn't prompt speculation about whether Elektra somehow survived too, and we could easily see some sort of return in any season 4 - no doubt just in time to interrupt Matt and Karen getting together.