Integrate High Sierra Installer app into new SSD

  ilovecandies123 12:57 22 Sep 2018

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if it's possible to integrate the High Sierra installer app into the new SSD. I recently bought a new one because my MacBook Pro had HDD and it was getting terribly slow for me. So I installed the High Sierra system onto the SSD and it works great, despite some problems with the keyboards that everyone also have... nightmare, but let's leave that to the side.

So, I was checking everything and I want to the Recovery Mode to see so that I can repare the disk before I start anything. Then, with my clumsiness, I erased the disk by accident. I went then to the option "Reinstall High Sierra" and it doesn't let me, saying that I have to update the system...

There is the problem. Because I erased the disk, I can't reinstall the system. Of course there is the bootable USB key but in every Mac, to reset to factory settings, we have to erase the disk and then install the system. But it seems that this is not possible because it's a new SSD (not Apple SSD).

I installed the system again by the USB key and then went to recovery mode again. I decided to not erase the disk and see if I can reinstall the system, it seems I can because the High Sierra installer app was in the disk.

How can I integrate this app into the SSD in a way that every time I reset the computer with erasing the disk, I can without any need of an USB key? I would like to be able to erase the disk and then reinstall the system.

Sorry for the long message!

Thanks in advice for your time and for your advices

Best regards, Ilovecandies123

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