Older OS on my Sierra iMac

  VicMar 09:07 08 Jan 2019

I need one of El Capitan's facilities on my iMac which is running Sierra. Is there a way to install El Capitan in a HD partition? Each time I try my iMac says my iMac is incompatible.

  HondaMan 13:23 08 Jan 2019

I would suggest Parallels Desktop, or VMWares products

  Jollyjohn 13:52 08 Jan 2019

or VirtualBox - it is available for a Mac. Don't forget the Additions pack. I have used this on a Linux box to run assorted Windows installations and test peripherals on each.

  VicMar 17:27 08 Jan 2019

Thanks for both of the above suggestions. I'll see if I can get what I need that way. I'll report back.

Cheers, Vic

  teleworm 19:39 16 Jan 2019

I would suggest Parallels Desktop, or VMWares products GBWhatsApp

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