Photos not syncing from iPhone to MacBook

  robbochris 09:29 16 Apr 2018

I have MacBook Air, iPhone 5s and iPad all synced with same Apple ID. Since latest update on MacBook last week, photos from phone to MacBook not happening. Photos still going from phone to iPad. Checked ID password, and think I have checked that the correct boxes are ticked on iCloud, but need advice. Thanks

  bremner 17:41 16 Apr 2018

This has affected many, including me since the iOS 11 update. Apple have promised a fix but no sign of such as yet.

  robbochris 19:14 16 Apr 2018

Thanks for your reply.

  robbochris 10:09 17 Apr 2018

Thanks for your reply. To do this, I guess I go into 'Import', but when I look at the menu, my phone/ipad do not appear under 'Devices'. Am I looking in the wrong place?
I seem to be able to send photos from my phone to a specific 'Shared Album', and then this appears in Photos. It was all so much easier when they just appeared!
Thanks again

  avensis18 21:26 18 Apr 2018

The Photos app lets you import photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac without using the iCloud Photo Library.

ShowBoxLucky PatcherKodi

  Baserpper 11:03 16 May 2018

You can try a few more ways to do

  motioninjoy 08:08 30 Jun 2018

Thank you for this article. It really helpful for me. Now i can easily stream videos, movies, and others from showbox on my Mac.

  Guest 1234512738 09:50 09 Jul 2018

Hello there! I've experienced this too however, I wasn't able to fix the issue. I tried to use an application and found this guide that shows different ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac.

  pedro6785 23:41 28 Jul 2018

If your photos are not syncing or downloading in its perfect way, you can go through iPhone Overheating and there, you can get a lot of applications, like snapseed, or Instagram, to sync and download the photos with the high resolution and higher quality.

  sstonick 18:37 21 Aug 2018

This same problem has been hounding me for the last two days between my iPhone 6 and my MacBook Pro. I tried everything listed below that is restarting, trying to get my mac to recognize my iPhone via Image Capture, etc to no avail I JUST got it working, again after doing a fresh synch from quickpayportal

  IT-Junkie 22:36 21 Aug 2018

Hi Robochris,

It seems the prb is with your Mac, sign out from iCloud and sign in again; ->System Preferences -> iCloud, Sign out and sign in again it looks like iCloud is issue on Mac.

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