Using the Virgin Digital Helper

  Forum Editor 18:01 17 Dec 2009

So, you have installed the software, registered yourself on the Virgin server, and reported on your installation experience in the thread entitled 'Virgin Digital helper - welcome to the beta test' - you have done that, haven't you?

What we would like to hear about now is your opinions on its useability - pretend that you have a computer problem and see how then service sets about fixing it. Did you find the advice helpful? It might be an idea to use a problem that you've experienced and fixed, or had fixed by someone else - so you know if the Virgin service is on the right track.

There will be other aspects to explore, but we'll do that later; for the time being please restrict your feedback to answering the question above.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 17 Dec 2009

select your type of BB

Easy for the novice you won't delve

but for us "tinkerers"
if you try a "technical details" easy to miss the scroll down to tick lower items.

  anskyber 18:23 17 Dec 2009

Ran the health check button and unsurprisingly it came up with some issues. I looked at the technical details to find a simple summary like "Duplicate acknowledgements".

Fine but the summaries are ranging from generally understandable to scratch your head what does this mean. I would have preferred each item to hyperlink to a more detailed explanation so that I can decide if I agree there is something which should be fixed. I would not agree to click the fix button without understanding what is going on. I imagine that I could check. Tried the facility to talk to an advisor and being helped. main point still applies.

There is no detailed help section to explain what the issues are in more detail.

  Sapins 19:03 17 Dec 2009

I typed in "help", Microsoft critical updates will not install, below is the "chat" from digitalhelp, not making a lot of sense!

Can't see any where else I could try to find a solution to this problem.

Digihelp Auto: Want me to get you over to our team? Or keep chatting with me?
Digihelp Auto: Thanks. What else can I help you with?
Digihelp Auto: Still learning.. Please reword, or click free help to automatically extend your search.
Digihelp Auto: Hi. Welcome to Virgin Digital Help. What can I do for you?
You: I cannot download Microsoft critical updates
Digihelp Auto: Still learning.. Kindly say that another way, or you can also click free help to automatically extend your search.
You: Microsoft critical updates will not install
Digihelp Auto: Check out these topics..
After Installing Windows Updates

  ton 19:41 17 Dec 2009

I pretended to have only 8 colours on monitor.

After a few questions 'Maynard' asked for permission to remotely access PC. I said "No" as I didn't really have a problem.

'Maynard then offered to call me on a land line.

So I think if I had got a problem it would have been fixed.

  ton 20:10 17 Dec 2009

I told 'Jordan' that my keyboard @ and " were swopped.

Told me to unplug keyboard and plug back in.(NO MENTION OF POWER OFF FIRST).

I asked about power off, he said yes.

Told him still same.

He said try another keyboard.

Told him still same.

Jordan then said I should contact PC maker.

NOT a good result as this problem would be caused by US keyboard settings (instead of UK).

  keverne 20:53 17 Dec 2009

I reported that my XP machine was running slow.

After about 5 minutes Jordan replied and proceeded to diagnose the 'problem' and soon asked to take control of my PC.

I gave him permission and he pointed me to a site where I had to log in. I had been there a short while before he sent me the log in number.

This then presented me with a file to download and run which also happened before I received instructions.

Once he had access I watched as he went to where I would expect a competent PC technician to go: Task Manager (where he searched through running processes etc, and also msconfig

The outcome was that he thought there's too many programs running in the background. I mentioned that I had been considering doing a reload and he warned me about losing data.

This is where I had the only real problem. Instead of keeping his answer to a single message it could span 2 or 3. So when I was replying to his warning about losing data by saying that the data was backed up he came back at the same time suggesting backups.

Computer Springclean service was then offered which I declined

So there were minor problems but they certainly wouldn't put me off using the service.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 17 Dec 2009

OK its telling me things are wrong that I Know are definitely OK.

so I asked for help on a slow internet connection

Please wait for the next available agent. You are at position 2.

For ever?

Appears to be lots of router traffic out of my PC but nothing coming back.

Got fed up waiting to be connected to a chat champion (perhaps it was my slow connection causing the problem).

Not sure I like it sitting in the system tray feeding out info all the time.

  Forum Editor 23:04 17 Dec 2009

you're producing some high-quality feedback here. Thank you for such detailed comments.

We'll keep this thread running for a little longer before I open another one with a different question for you to respond to. Feel free to post here again if you have other comments to add, but please keep to the useability topic - try not to take us off at a tangent. There'll be an opportunity for you to post your other reactions later.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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