HELP SOME1 frauded my account

  Star1348 18:04 13 Jul 2018

Someone has gone in to currys presenting themselves as my husband and added items onto my account, No one is secondary signature he wasn't asked for ID otherwise they would of known he wasn't my husband. I have been in store and there telling me anyone can get something on my account if they have my account number. Surely this can't be right what can I do? I have now cancelled my personal account with Currys.

  Forum Editor 22:51 13 Jul 2018

I assume you are talking about a Currys 'buy now pay later' plan? If that's the case, the agreement is between Creation Consumer Finance Ltd and you - if you didn't order anything, you cannot be charged for it.

Tell the company that you did not order the goods, and that a fraud has been perpetrated - if they accepted an order from a third party without any verification checks they have not practiced due diligence.

  Star1348 23:16 13 Jul 2018

When questioned they said the person had the account number and could still order from it if they have it. It turned out to be someone I knew but he never had permission to get those things and they didn't even check his details.

  hastelloy 08:53 14 Jul 2018

If you can't get any redress locally I would email Curry's CEO directly - [email protected] I find this usually gets results.

  Forum Editor 22:56 14 Jul 2018

Was this a 'buy now pay later' transaction? If it was, a credit agreement will be in existence, and a third party cannot enter into such an agreement on your behalf. Tell Currys that you did not order the goods, they are not in your possession, and that you will not be responsible for payments.

If you know the person who fraudulently obtained the goods, I suggest that you contact him and tell him that He is guilty of an offence, and you will be reporting the matter to the Police. .

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