Malwarebytes 3.4.4 / March 6, 2018 update.

  rdave13 16:41 16 Mar 2018

If not auto updated yet then in settings, select Install Application Updates, or download from here.

  Aitchbee 21:08 16 Mar 2018

Thanks rdave13.

Had a bit of trouble at first when installing over my existing MWB free edition but decided to uninstall my older edition first, then use your link to download 'n' install 3.4.4 /March 06 update.

Added bonus - WinAso now works happily alongside this 3.4.4 version.

  john bunyan 21:33 16 Mar 2018


Thanks. Downloaded and installed from your link over the top of my Premium edition. First scan is always quicker - mine was 1 min 17 sec for 306,927 files

  Aitchbee 22:58 16 Mar 2018

jb - I've got to wait over 20 minutes for 226,567 files to be scanned but I don't mind ;o]

  The Kestrel 11:51 17 Mar 2018

Thanks rdave13, mine didn't update automatically but have done so via settings.

  martd7 20:17 17 Mar 2018

Rdave 13

Thanks updated via settings

  rdave13 10:24 02 Apr 2018

Latest version is now and upgraded via settings - applications. This is a re-install update so to be on the safe side I deactivated my licence, upgraded, then reactivated.

  alanrwood 13:35 02 Apr 2018


I just installed on top on 4 machines without any problems

  john bunyan 14:06 02 Apr 2018


Thanks; updated via Settings Applications "Install application updates". No problem - now on version package 4584 .Did not uninstall. Licence OK

  martd7 21:34 02 Apr 2018

Anyone having problems with the new ?

My web protection will not initiate,in fact its greyed out

  rdave13 22:23 02 Apr 2018

Try quitting malwarbytes from the notification area icon. Wait a few seconds then double click the desktop icon to start again.

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