Scam email from Apple I believe.

  Govan1x 16:59 10 Aug 2018

Just got this email supposed to be from Apple.

Although I have password etc for Apple i do not have an account with them, but received this.

Dear Customer,

Your Apple ID was just used into the App Store from a web browser to purchases ( Mobile Legends: Bang Bang )

Date and Time : August 10, 2018, 09:26 AM Browser : Chrome on MacOs Operating System : Macintosh Computer

Please see your payment history on the document Invoice from this email by following the instructions.

Apple Support

Now i never opened the Document but I assume it is a scam email. Anyone else received one from apple.

  bremner 17:18 10 Aug 2018

Had a similar one and it was clearly a scam simply by looking at the senders actual email address.

Just to be pedantic and clear mine wasn't and neither was yours a "scam email from Apple"

  alanrwood 09:17 11 Aug 2018

I had it too

  john bunyan 09:39 11 Aug 2018

A. Check actual sender - not real Apple. B . Sent to “”Dear Customer “ , not you . I’ve had these sometimes.

  Govan1x 20:02 11 Aug 2018

I am sure it was as you say JB it was dear customer on it. Email address just says no reply needed.

Cant be sure now as i deleted it. No doubt it will come back eventually.

  Govan1x 08:47 13 Aug 2018

Another from Curry's this morning which looks legit.

Dear Customer

On June 13, we began to contact a number of our customers as a precaution after we found that some of our security systems had been accessed in the past using sophisticated malware.

Over 10 million accounts could have been accessed in 2017.

Anyone else receiving this one. This one sent to my wife's e-mail address.

  oftmarshall678 15:43 13 Aug 2018

Definitely a scam.

  Govan1x 21:22 14 Aug 2018

Ok thanks I have deleted both now. They certainly look authentic and i can see why so many people get conned by them.

  Forum Editor 22:15 14 Aug 2018

"They certainly look authentic and I can see why so many people get conned by them."

That's the whole point - a con has to seem authentic if it is to succeed. We all know what we have ordered or bought on line, and if an email refers to a transaction that we haven't initiated it is pretty well safe to ignore it completely.

Likewise, when something refers to a password change it's not going to be genuine unless you have changed your password recently - you'll almost always get a confirmation email a short while afterwards when you do that.

  Edan 00:42 13 Sep 2018

I think this may just be a mistake. I understand that such emails are sent automatically but glitches are everywhere. I think you should not pay attention to this letter if you are not connected with Apple.

  bremner 12:28 14 Sep 2018


Don't be naive - it was a scam

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