Virgin and nuisance call blocking phones

  exdragon 12:55 23 Aug 2018

My elderly friend has just been scammed by an HMRC automated call. I suggested she should get one of the nuisance call blockers, which makes callers announce themselves if not already in her contacts list, something like the BT Advanced Phone Z Digital Cordless Phone with 100% Nuisance Call Blocking & Answering Machine. However, she's with Virgin, who said these things won't work but they'll change number and give her 24 hours to let all her contacts know.

This won't solve the problem, as I'm sure the scammers will still find her (she's had 5 'problems' in a matter of weeks). Does anyone know if Virgin are correct?

  rickf 17:35 23 Aug 2018

Leave Virgin is the answer.

  exdragon 17:40 23 Aug 2018

Thank you, but I don't feel that's the best solution to my question. She's 80, has the complete phone/broadband/TV set up from Virgin and couldn't face the upheaval. I have, however, discovered from BT that any of their handsets will work with any phone provider, as long as Caller Display is available. That being the case, I'll mark this as closed.

  Forum Editor 21:56 23 Aug 2018

"I have, however, discovered from BT that any of their handsets will work with any phone provider, as long as Caller Display is available."

Before you go any further, you might be interested in this

and also in this.

  exdragon 22:19 23 Aug 2018

Thanks, FE. I saw the first link, but I'm confused. Some articles say you need Caller Display from Virgin (paid for if necessary), but the second link seems to imply that if you do have this, then you need to turn it off in a call blocker phone. In which case, it seems a bit pointless having the call blocker phone in the first place. All she wants is something which will allow calls from her contacts to be allowed through, but anyone else has to say who they are. She can then have the options to accept (and add to contacts), send to the answering machine or reject the call. Something which simply displays the number isn't any good. My partner has the BT 8500 on a Plusnet line and it's perfect, while I must just be lucky as I don't get nuisance calls at all. Is it just a problem with Virgin, do you know?

  BT 08:43 24 Aug 2018

I'm on Virgin and have been for many years I get very few nuisance calls. I've been on TPS for many years and although its not perfect, I think it does stop a lot. It seems that it gets better the longer you are on it.

Virgin do have advice on nuisance calls

Virgin nuisance calls advice

  exdragon 08:57 24 Aug 2018

Thanks, BT. For Caller Display, can you upload your contacts and are their names displayed as well as the number? If it's only the latter, it'd be no good, as she certainly wouldn't recognise most calls by number!

  natdoor 10:57 24 Aug 2018

The names of a caller who is entered into the contacts list will be displayed and not the number. Opening the contacts list enables one to access a contact and initiate a call. You have the option to select the number to use if more than one is stored for that person, e.g. landline and mobile but if only one number is stored for that person then pressing the dial key initiates the call with only the name displayed.

  natdoor 11:27 24 Aug 2018

I should have started by saying that, on answering a call, one hears the caller say their name. If the caller is in the contacts list the name is displayed.

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