Advice wanted on low end mobile phone.

  canarieslover 10:01 15 Sep 2018

My requirements for a smart phone are probably different to most people's. I currently have a Samsung J5 (2016) that does everything I require but not as well as I would like in some areas. The ring tones are so bland and quiet that I have loaded mp3's that give a bit more sound and immediacy. Punk ringtones for a 75 year I have to take so many pills during the course of the day that I use the alarm function to alert me. I can set as many alarms as I need for the day but it is useless if I can't hear them. Set to vibrate, already done and it wouldn't disturb a fly sat on it. I only use it as a phone, alarm clock, the oddsnapshot and occasional use of the internet. I want a replacement that is loud, brash and vibrates at around 5.0 on the richter scale. Does anyone have any experience of a phone like that under £200 please.

  Menzie 16:20 15 Sep 2018

Moto E or Moto G, both are good handsets that come in under the price you're looking for. They have a good level of output.

I previously had a G4 and the only downfall on it was the camera. It could take decent snaps in good light but was slow to focus and bad in darker surroundings.

My other half has the E4 and it is a very good phone for the price. However the camera again is the low point.

In the case of the Moto G under £200 would be the G6 Play, the others are £200 and just above.

  canarieslover 16:46 15 Sep 2018

Menzie Thanks, I had a Moto G before this Samsung and perhaps I may go back to the latest one. I didn't replace it with the same as my one just died on me at 18 months old. No warning, I hung up on one call and went to make another but the phone had just expired, never to recover.

  Etopia 05:00 10 Oct 2018

Huawei Honor series, such as Huawei Honor 6, which is deisgned for the non-heavy info-processing users and very low price.

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