Anyone tried Bone Conduction Headphones, please?

  AroundAgain 00:11 14 Sep 2018

Has anyone, particularly with hearing aids, used the bone conduction headphones? How do you find the quality of the music? Are they worth the money? Any other comments you can offer? I've only just, today, learnt that these BC headphones are available and wondering if they would be worth trying out.

I have bilateral OTE (Over the Ear) hearing aids and really miss listening to decent quality music, particularly stereo, (classical and general popular stuff). Wearing (normal) headphones isn't particularly sucessfull as my hearing loss is very much more on one side than the other, so would need some sort of balance control. Obviously, or maybe not so obvious, wearing headphones with hearing aids doesn't work because of the feedback when the aids are covered etc. Umm, not nice! ;)

Many thanks for any suggestions or advice :)

  wee eddie 03:26 14 Sep 2018

Not good, I would say that you get the sound but without the timbre or finesse

click here

  AroundAgain 09:08 14 Sep 2018

Thanks wee eddie

I was hoping I might be able to listen to music better but perhaps not! ;) Maybe I'll just have to wait until I get a Titanium screw (BAHA) ;)

  hastelloy 16:52 14 Sep 2018

Have you thought about an induction loop system? Try this link. You have to set your hearing aids to the 'T' setting to use them.

  AroundAgain 10:10 16 Sep 2018

Hi hastelloy

Thanks very much for the link. I hadn't appreciated these were available. I'll have a good look at them and let you know if I decide to try one/any of them. :)

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