Aux cable issues (works with iPhone not android)

  LieutenantBiscuits 09:21 10 Jan 2018

I have a 3.5 mm aux cable that works with my wife's iPhone or iPhones in general but will not work with my Sony android phone/s. Also won't work on my mates Samsung galaxy S what ever number it is lol. I didn't realise there where different types of 3.5 mm jack leads (other than stereo and mono)

is there a reason for this or anything I can do to get it working?

It doesnt seem to click in as if it's either too short or something is blocking it getting in (not a youthamism) the jack port is deffinatley clean of debris as brand new phone which is Xperia XA1 ultra by the way.

Many thanks


  wee eddie 09:45 10 Jan 2018

Apple uses it's own Standards and designs. It's cables are specific to itself

  Quickbeam 10:19 10 Jan 2018

I have one that works on both.

  alanrwood 10:48 10 Jan 2018

3.5 mm jacks do sometimes come in various lengths. I remember having a similar situation with these jacks some years ago and found a slight variation in the tip size (which activates the switch in the socket). Not saying this is your problem , just an observation from past experience.

  Forum Editor 11:49 10 Jan 2018

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