A Device To Amplify an Optical Audio Signal?

  morddwyd 20:19 16 Sep 2018

The optical audio signal from my television is a bit low for my taste. All gain settings are already at max, of course.

Ahyone know of an amplifying device for an optical signal? All I can find on line are splitters of converters.

  wee eddie 20:37 16 Sep 2018

It's called a "Hearing Aid"

  Menzie 01:32 17 Sep 2018

If you search eBay for "Toslink Signal Booster" it should bring up devices that you're looking for.

Out of curiosity what is the TV outputting to via Optical?

  morddwyd 10:14 17 Sep 2018

Thank you.

I searched for amplifier rather than booster! I'lltry again.

I'm trying to drive a set of Sennheiser RS 185 headpnones.

  wee eddie 16:53 17 Sep 2018

I believe, as a result of a Government Request, all headphones have a volume Limiter.

To make it more difficult for you to damage your ears.

There is just a possibility that you have the Dock set-up incorrectly

  morddwyd 19:24 17 Sep 2018



Only applies to the analogue output. The optical is non-adjustable, either on the television or the docking station.

  morddwyd 12:11 18 Sep 2018

Tried the ebay solution.

Still comes up with just splitters or converters.

Even a full on line search only came up with one, in the US, costing $700 plus (before UK VAT!).

Do I take the risk of the neighbours gabbing on the wall?

  Forum Editor 13:08 18 Sep 2018
  wee eddie 13:28 18 Sep 2018

I'm still worried that you have it set up incorrectly.

I can imagine no way that, unless you are very deaf, there is insufficient volume

  morddwyd 19:27 18 Sep 2018


What's to set up?

You plug one end of the Toslink lead into the TV optical output, and the other end into the sound system optical input.

It's pretty basic sort of stuff.

  wee eddie 20:20 18 Sep 2018

Setup instructions

Power Supply?

Go through these instructions and see if you have missed anything out

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