How to unlock a Apple iphone 4s 8gb

  ponytail 16:55 18 Oct 2018

My wife has changed her phone and wants to sell her Apple phone to a friends son but it is locked.Can someone tell me the procedure to unlock it.I dont know much about Apple phones but know it uses icloud.I have been told to sign into icloud then go to settings and do a factory reset then sign out of icloud again and that should clear it.Is that anything like I need to do.

  john bunyan 17:38 18 Oct 2018

Follow these steps:

selling an iPhone

The value of a 4s is quite small.


  Govan1x 23:05 18 Oct 2018

It should either be a password or a pin number. Or if she cant remember go to itunes and try to sign in. If you know the email address use that and if you cant remember the password click on Cant remember the password and see what security questions it asks.

Like JB says they are not worth a lot nowadays probably no more than £40 but it would need to be in fairly good condition to get that.

  ponytail 07:18 19 Oct 2018

It is in excellent condition I went onto a site called Music Magpie and they offered me £5.50 so as my wifes friend wants a phone for her son I was going to suggest she asks for £30 is that reasonable.

  Forum Editor 09:21 19 Oct 2018

You can buy an unlocked 4S in good condition for around £45 on the open market.

  Govan1x 12:28 19 Oct 2018

My wifes friend.My wifes phone. Why not let her decide.

Myself if the son was under 16 yrs old I would probably give them it for free. A friend in need is a friend indeed is the old saying.

Maybe £20 if you do not want to part with it for nothing. But first you have to open it and reset it or it is only worth £5- £10 for spare parts.

  ponytail 09:28 20 Oct 2018

If my wife wants to give it away free that is fine as you say it is her phone.I also need to remove the sim card but cannot see any way of getting the back of the case off.I read somewhere on Google that you need to use a special screwdriver to remove the two screws located at either side of where you plug the charger in and she does not seem to have one.

  ponytail 09:36 20 Oct 2018

I have removed the sim card now but still unsure as how to get the back off

  ponytail 09:45 20 Oct 2018

I am trying to remove icloud from the phone and found the following. click here seems easy enough but the problem is I am unable to open the phone to get to settings.I power on and then getchoose a Wi-Fi network and select our network it then comes up with something called location services if I click on enable location services it says create a password which I am not sure is the right thing to do.


  ponytail 10:11 20 Oct 2018

It took a bit of doing but have now opened the phone and am now going into settings

  ponytail 10:15 20 Oct 2018

Have opened icloud but cannot see delete account

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