Dave_Das 08:32 28 Jul 2018

Hello everyone. I need to recover some deleted data from my memory card. Its a sandisk 64gb micro sd card which I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I accidentally deleted some very important pictures and videos which are really valuable to me. For example, it was in a folder named bro which was inside the hidden folder .dave in my files. I deleted the bro folder which had about some 20gb. of pictures and videos. This incident was in january. But since april I stopped using the mem.card. The mem.card is nearly full with just 2gb free space left. I have used various softwares such as recuva, easeus, wondershare data recovery and others through my PC, but none of them were successful. I managed to recover other data from the memory card, but not what I had deleted from the hidden folder .dave. I still have other data which are in that hidden folder, ofcourse as I didnt delete them. ANd I didnt change the .dave folder name either. Please help me out guys if you can. I will be really greatful :'( Thanking you in advance.

  bremner 09:14 28 Jul 2018

If you only have 2GB left then you have overwritten i.e. beyond recovery, at least 18GB of the 20GB of data you are trying to recover.

  Dave_Das 02:33 29 Jul 2018

Well @bremner my memory card always remains full actually. Even when I had those pics and videos, I had something like 3 or 4 gb of free space. I managed to recover videos older than those! But not the ones in that hidden folder :( And could you advise me where else can I seek for help online?

  RjMaan 07:11 29 Jul 2018

Well, there are some software which claim that they will recover the data. I think you should check those software but i have never used them.

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