Router Set-Up Advice - Complex Set-up?

  CCLomas 20:32 14 Sep 2018

Ok so here's the problem, we have a very high speed virgin connection to the house (>100Mbps all of the time) but we struggling to get good wi-fi coverage throughout the house. It's quite a large house with solid wall and to hinder things further there is are large number of devices fighting for band width (e.g. 9 zone Sonos system, 6 phone DECT system, HD cinema streaming Apply TV, iPlayer etc etc etc you get the picture). Today I have Virgin Hub 2.0 (with wi-fi switch off) hard wired to an Apple TimeCapsule that we use as our main router, and a single apple airport express to help one of the poor reception areas in the house. The nice people at Virgin have just sent out a new Virgin Hub 3.0 to see if that makes things better but before I fire it up I wondered if there was a way of wiring /placing also of the equipment so that between them I can create a good wi-fi reception across the whole house.

So to summarise we have 1x Virgin Hub 3.0, 1x Virgin Hub 2.0, 1 x Apple Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen) +1 x Apple AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen).

In terms of layout the biggest constrain is the connection point to the Virgin network is in the same room that the Apple Time Capsule has to the located and we're not able to run physical lan cables outside of this room due to the solid floors.

So before this user with little knowledge tries experiment after experiment using trial and error what should I be doing/ what should my strategy be? Finally I really do not want to purchase new equipment but haven't ruled this out. Many thanks in advance Chris

  Jollyjohn 09:00 16 Sep 2018

Homeplugs / powerline adapters are the answer - click here But look for the kit with two slaves / remote connectors. Plug the one with the pass through socket in next to the main router and the remotes elsewhere in the house. They use mains wiring to connect thus avoiding the need for LAN cables. This kit will clone the main WiFi ssid & password and rebroadcast it from the remotes giving seamless connection throughout the house. You can also plug in your other router / devices to the remotes and use them as extenders if you wanted.

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