Suspicious Skype / Pay Pal activity

  morddwyd 14:18 09 May 2018

Had an email from Skype this morning saying they had delivered my order, the standard email when you buy credit.

Then received the standard email from PayPal saying they had debited £5 to Skype.

Since I had not authorised this I went straight to the Resolutions Centre to raise a dispute, but the payment does does not appear!

What's going on and what do do next? To raise a dispute I must quote the payment and I can't!

  wee eddie 14:45 09 May 2018

You've been had.

That is, assuming you had nothing ordered, and delivered, from Skype

  Forum Editor 16:49 09 May 2018

The first thing to do in these circumstances is always to check your bank account - has anything been paid that you were not aware of?

I suspect the answer is no, in which case forget all about it.

  morddwyd 17:52 09 May 2018

Thanks both. My bank has confirmed that no payment has been made..

Like most, I've had such before of course, and normally wouldn't rise to it, it was the double that was new to me, one from Skype followed by one from PP.

  Forum Editor 22:41 09 May 2018

" from Skype followed by one from PP"

Both of which probably emanated from the same source.

  morddwyd 08:00 10 May 2018

Yes appreciate that now. A sort of coordinated attempt.

They're normally more crude!

  BT 08:16 11 May 2018

I often get Emails supposedly from PayPal saying my account has been suspended or had some unexpected payment made. Strange thing is I don't and have never used PayPal and don't have an account.

Just mark as Spam and delete

  morddwyd 09:23 11 May 2018

Yes, I also get regular PayPal spa which I ignore.

It was the tie up with Skype which threw me, particularly as I'm having a problem with missing Skype funds at the moment (coincidence?).

  bremner 13:18 07 Jul 2018

I received three of these emails in a week - there was a huge clue they were phishing emails - I do not have a PayPal account :)

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