Computer "crashing" when playing a game

  Alexyo 17:27 22 Aug 2018

I have a gaming PC, a bit old, here are the configs : click here today, it started "crashing" whenever I would launch a game. Not instantly, but a few seconds in, even on the menu without playing. Sometimes the sound would bug out (last sound I heard would just get repeated over and over until I restart) while at other times the sound would keep on playing normally (I could still talk with people on my skype call) but both monitors would be black with a no signal error on screen. The PC wouldn't turn off, so I would have to manually restart it.

I checked for overheating (GPU temp wouldn't go over 75 while gaming which seems ok), I cleaned dust off the pc, replaced my PSU and didn't get anything. I stress tested the computer using StressMyPC and it didn't crash. Any ideas would be more than welcome.


  Maria Kaylene 18:01 22 Aug 2018

Hi, it can be several things, if it's not the gpu overheating, I think the game is too heavy for the current hardware that is in the computer, or the current graphics card doesn't support the resolution of the game. Also, try checking your drivers. Your video card, must got the right kind of driver for your system.

  Alexyo 18:27 22 Aug 2018

Thank you for your answer. The games are the same games I've been playing for years, so it can't be that. I did update my drivers after the problem started occuring and nothing changed. Nothing changed in the game settings etc, just suddenly one day the computer started "crashing" playing the same games using the same settings I've been using for years.

  Forum Editor 18:34 22 Aug 2018

Moved to the Games forum from Tech Helproom.

  Alexyo 20:59 22 Aug 2018

Thank you, sorry for posting in the wrong section.

  wee eddie 01:20 23 Aug 2018

You say that you cleaned the dust off the machine.

Did you clean the dust from between the fins of the heatsink? You might have to move the fans, or casing to do this

  Alexyo 10:52 23 Aug 2018

Hey, yes, I have. Besides cleaning it manually I visited the local tech store and had them clean it in more detail.

  albertswiley 11:18 08 Sep 2018

I would suggest you should visit a local PC repairing store. But before you visit, you could reset the pc/laptop. Check here, click here did the same when I was playing the Tomb Rider (2018 edition) and it works for me. I can't guarantee it will work for you as well. But you could try atleast.


  MJS WARLORD 13:26 08 Sep 2018

you say you are using games you used for years without a problem , so I think this might point to a component on its way out.

choose a game you know will crash and put the display on the lowest res possible and then put everything else in the game on the lowest possible settings even if it looks rubbish , does it still crash.

with regards to sound stutter the last time I bought an off the shelf pc in a well known store it have sound stutter and eventually the games crashed , a new pc with both a faulty mobo and gpu !!!! , the stubborn manager only gave me a refund because I demonstrated the crashing in store , I had to do that because tech guys said it was NOT faulty.

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