Help with choosing games console

  vikster184 17:06 18 Nov 2018

Please can I get some help with choosing a console for my 8 year old? He used to like the Nintendo Wii and then the Xbox connect, he likes the games when you have to stand up and move. What is the latest version of that type of thing? I am totally clueless, not played a computer game since I was a child and that was a Spectrum Sinclair... lol!

  CAPLG77 12:30 23 Nov 2018

Hi, as far as I'm aware, for moving around games consoles, it's still the Wii and Xbox Kinect. You could try upgrading to the Wii U which is basically the same thing but with a game pad included, or you could try the new Nintendo switch, but I can't really comment on this as we don't have one. The only other thing I can suggest is maybe get a VR headset that can be used with a mobile phone or that can be linked up to a computer. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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