pc build-Boots for one second then shut down HELP!

  Antoine Harvey 17:24 17 Aug 2018

Im assembling this new pc It has -Gtx 1080 -psu- corsair tx650m -i7700k -mobo- gygabite z370 -watercooler corsair h100i


1)When i attempt to boot it up, the pump fan and rgb lighting lights up for approximately a second then shuts down.

2)If i disconnect the cpu and attempt to boot it, like before everything opens up for BUT FOR 2 seconds then the ram lighting opens up for 2 second as well. Then everything shut down again. 4 seconds total.

  wee eddie 18:10 17 Aug 2018

POST Beeps?

  MJS WARLORD 18:49 17 Aug 2018

check all connections , my custom built pc had a huge packing bag to support the notura fan during transit , I did not notice the side fan had not been connected the the builders because the cable would have got snagged round the packing.

somehow the pc settings knew it was not connected and stopped at an extra screen before desktop , I did not have to unplug pc as the extra screen had a shutdown button on it.

  wee eddie 20:01 17 Aug 2018

To me, it sounds like an underperforming Power Supply

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