Anyone using Nord VPN Paid

  martd7 11:58 23 Sep 2018

I have signed up for 6 months the internet is incredibly slow to move around and downloads don't get past 1mb/sec

I've put in 2 queries to Support on Friday and received nothing I'm sure I read it's a 24/7 service

Windows7,220mb Virgin media fibre line

  alanrwood 18:16 23 Sep 2018

Don't think it is anything to do with NordVPN. Been a paid user for nearly 12 months on a 80Mb/s fibre connection and it downloads at 78Mb/s. It would nevertheless be an idea to contact NordVPN support as I have found them to be excellent.

  martd7 19:25 23 Sep 2018

Alan R Wood

Thanks I sent 2 enquiries Friday no response as yet

I have a 200mb line and not been able to get above 1mb must be wrong somewhere,as soon as I disconnected the speed shoots up

  alanrwood 09:20 24 Sep 2018

Maybe reinstall the software.

My settings are:- Cyberssec, Auto connect, Kill Switch, Invisibility on Lan, App Kill Switch all to off. Protocol to UDP.

Custom DNS, Obfuscated Servers to off.

I have just seen that a new version of the software available today.

  martd7 10:37 24 Sep 2018

Hi I have same settings,still no reply from Nord

I will put another enquiry in,I noticed Friday my software does not look like the software in their tutorials it is slightly different so maybe mine is the new software I'll have a look later on

  martd7 17:22 24 Sep 2018


This is sorted now i connected on the Nord Vpn chat and they asked me to do a speed test and post the screen shots,the one with the VPN on had a DL speed of 1.2 mb,with it off 220mb DL speed,he asked me to change the DNS settings and the speedtest with the VPN on is now 120mb,thats fine for me

  alanrwood 17:47 24 Sep 2018

Glad it is sorted.

  Chiceworks 11:56 04 Oct 2018

Glad Nord VPN support helped you through that. One time I had to contact them in order to get the working server for BBC iPlayer and they replied in no time. Speeds are fine too.

  complete_captcha 21:37 08 Oct 2018

Is there anyone here using NordVPN now? Can I use it to unblock Netflix and Hulu?

  odre 08:27 09 Oct 2018

I'm using NordVPN for Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer over the year. I highly recommend this app for streaming because of fast speed, dedicated servers for the US Netflix and easy to use application.

  Chiceworks 13:04 09 Oct 2018

I agree with Odre. Using NordVPN everything works perfectly with Netflix, iPlayer, and Hulu. Even if you aren't from those regions. I suggest trying their free 3-day trial and see for yourself: click here

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