gtx 1080 rear socket question

  MJS WARLORD 20:44 10 Oct 2018

I have a custom built rig with the zotac version of the gtx 1080 , the rig recently went for ram repair and when it returned their was a stand off missing from the back of the card so I robbed one from another pc. when I phoned the makers they said I should not be using the dvi socket I should be using a hdmi socket at the back of the card. Before I got to investigate further there office shut , so my question is this , there are 4 sockets on the card are they all hdmi and does it matter which one I use.

  wee eddie 21:11 10 Oct 2018

RAM repair!

  MJS WARLORD 21:30 10 Oct 2018

Windows reported ram problems and when i did the memory diagnosis tool it report hardware ram failure the company replaced them as i had gold cover suppott

  wee eddie 21:45 10 Oct 2018

Aye, I was under the impression that RAM either worked or it didn't

  alanrwood 10:21 11 Oct 2018

Yes it either works or it doesn't but I would guess they actually just replaced it.

  wee eddie 10:21 11 Oct 2018

"I should not be using the dvi socket".

That begs the question - Why did they add one?

  Flat Earther 11:51 11 Oct 2018

"there are 4 sockets on the card are they all hdmi and does it matter which one I use"

I think you'll find it's 3x Display Port and 1x HDMI

  alanrwood 15:56 11 Oct 2018

This is from the Zotak spec. Scroll down to the end.

click here shows 1 DVI ,1 hdmi and 3 Display Ports


  MJS WARLORD 12:32 13 Oct 2018

just checked this posting it seems like I did not fully explain myself , windows tools reported faulty ram , I should have said it was replaced not repaired.

during a conversation with the company about the missing stand off they said dvi was now old hat and that I should be using the hdmi socket on the card to feed my 24" benq monitor.

I am now even more confused because I googled dvi v hdmi and the posts I read say hdmi should only be used if a pc is connected to a tv so that makes me ask myself if that is right why does my monitor have hdmi sockets.

can anyone tell me what the benefits are when using hdmi.

btw.... with dvi I can get 90 to 144 fps on gta5 , diablo and on the half life games that have built in stress programs.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:50 13 Oct 2018

As you have a 24" monitor I'm assuming it's resolution is 1920x1080 or 1920x1200. At those resolutions dual-link DVI can support a refresh rate of 120Hz (maximum number of frames per second that can be sent to the monitor, nothing to do with the frame rate the GPU can render). I can't see any reason to switch to HDMI.

  MJS WARLORD 13:22 13 Oct 2018

thanks for that I am using 1920 x 1080

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