Help Can't Find My USB Ports.

  morddwyd 10:46 06 Aug 2018

Just taken delivery of an HP Pavilion 24 r009na.

Can't get the wireless mouse or keyboard to work, and first solution is to use a different USB port for the dongle.

Unfortunately I can't find any!

A device of this spec must have more than one, but I can't see them. There is an access on the back, but it is so deeply recessed asto be inaccessible to me.

The documentation is useless and I can't find anything on line.

Can anyone help? A photo or video would be ideal.

  hssutton 11:32 06 Aug 2018

According to Click here there are 5 USB ports, but also a 'note' saying "The configuration might vary depending on your model". Scroll down to show image.

  john bunyan 11:50 06 Aug 2018

Too obvious but does the wireless mouse not need to have a dongle plugged into a USB port (if you find them)? On an expensive Dell I found the dongle inside the wireless mouse, wrongly thinking that I did not need one. Also the mouse has a small on/off switch on the base. Also my Dell only has Thunderbolt USB - C's so I bought an adapter from Amazon that has 2 USB, 1 HDMI and a SD slot. I leave others to comment further.

  john bunyan 12:09 06 Aug 2018

Also see :

HP link

  john bunyan 12:15 06 Aug 2018

On the link it shows details of where the slots are if you expand it.

  john bunyan 12:22 06 Aug 2018


  morddwyd 12:23 06 Aug 2018

You have got to be kindling me!

Not only did I find that page and totally failed to explore it properly, but I saw those slots as soon as I unpacked it, and thought they were titillation slots!

Yes, I know, it's a solid state SSD cool running device.

I can only plead old age and bad eyesight.

System up and running, thank you so much.

  john bunyan 12:24 06 Aug 2018

Try again. The image display doesn't work but the link does. I think you have to choose the desired USB on the back with a USB selector on the front


  john bunyan 12:26 06 Aug 2018


We know you issues (young man - I am a year older!) so we need to appreciate them in answers. Well done.

  rdave13 19:23 06 Aug 2018

It also has an infrared camera!

I'm surprised to find it hasn't got a HP Recovery Manager? So you will be dependant on Windows' own reset system unless you create images.

Nice machine.

  john bunyan 19:35 06 Aug 2018


How did you get the image to show , not the link? Sorry, morddwyd, to but in.

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