high quality wifi in old house

  smidge21 19:54 05 Aug 2018

Hi, I live in a 100 year old house; wifi throughout the house has always been an issue. Just bought an Orbi system hoping that I would get a universally strong signal. Nope! How do I get commercial grade wifi in an old (thick walled) home? Scott

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:58 05 Aug 2018
  smidge21 06:56 06 Aug 2018

Thanks, have tried those. My house isn't wired in a way that makes this work Scott

  Forum Editor 09:05 06 Aug 2018

You will read about all kinds of possible solutions, but in my experience no form of WiFi setup ever works really well in houses with thick stone/concrete/brick walls. The best available setup would be a Mesh network, but it will not be cheap. I have used this system on several occasions, and provided you don't mind having devices all over the house, it could be an answer.

The reliable, inexpensive answer is to set up an ethernet cable network. I assume that a Powerline system doesn't work in your case because you don't have modern ring mains in the house?

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