Is MS Defender good enough for Win 10

  Ex plorer 08:30 03 Aug 2018

Hi I have used an Ipad for many years, but for certain jobs it has its limitations, Invested in a WIN 10 laptop. Is MS Defender up to the job for all round protection, or would I be better off buying a AV of some kind for better security. Home use only.

  alanrwood 08:34 03 Aug 2018

Depends on how safe you want to be. All independent tests have shown it to be a poor performer compared to even the free Virus programs ie Avast, AVG etc

  alanrwood 08:34 03 Aug 2018

Depends on how safe you want to be. All independent tests have shown it to be a poor performer compared to even the free Virus programs ie Avast, AVG etc

  Taff™ 09:35 03 Aug 2018

Inthe 10 years that Defender has been around I have never known it find, stop or "Defend" any sort of attack from viruses, rootkits or even Malware and I service dozens of computers a year!

As has been stated. Use a Free AV as above. Install Malwarebytes Free if you think you might have a piece of Malware lurking.

  john bunyan 09:57 03 Aug 2018

I use free Defender coupled with Malawarebytes Premium. At least Defender updates and has improved over the older versions. No problems in several years on several computers. MBAM has found and blocked far more, but you need the premium version for active monitoring

  Govan1x 12:14 03 Aug 2018

Have to agree with Taff on all the years i had it it found nothing and why Windows update include a security checker i don't know. maybe it has improved but I would not like to find out the hard way.

Most of those that say free antivirus programs etc ar Ok. Most of those use a back up program that can take them back to when there computer was Ok.

So I often wonder if any of those that use the back up programs have never had to use them. if so there security programs are not doing there job.

See if you can still get a pay for version of malwarebytes with a lifetime licence that would be my first step.

If defender was any good they would sell it. I have to wonder if anyone out there would actually buy it if it was for sale or would move on to something better.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 03 Aug 2018

Use the the free version of Kaspersky for your AV, back it up with free Malwarebytes and scan at least weekly.

I have the paid for version of Kaspersky Internet suite on my desktop and the free Av on the laptop (the Av database for both is the same.

  john bunyan 12:41 03 Aug 2018

So far no Defender user here has reported a problem, so I still believe it has improved.

  alanrwood 13:25 03 Aug 2018

I seem to remember in a review a couple of months back Defender only found less than 50% but can't be absolutely sure of the exact figure whereas AVG/Avast free versions found over 90%.

I agree with the comments regarding Malwarebytes, an excellent program and it is still possible to get a lifetime license on eBay. I bought one a few weeks ago for my local Village Hall computer.

  rdave13 15:19 03 Aug 2018

It's holding its own, av-test and getting better. Use with Malwarebytes pro and a few security browser addons and it's a good setup in my humble opinion. Combine that with safe browsing, common sense and backing up.

  Ex plorer 10:24 05 Aug 2018

I see Malwarebytes is £29.99 a year, or a two year license with a saving, and run with free Avast. Thank everybody, for your time and advice.

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