Pc was in rebooting loop, now monitor won't work

  Oskar Friberg 21:44 07 Aug 2018

This is almost a repost because it says my previous post is solved but it is not?!

When I turned off my pc everything seemed to turn off inside the pc but the keyboard, mouse and headset did not. I tried turning the pc on again but then it just starts this starting loop on/off and on/off. As shown in the video link bellow you can hear a clicking noise everytime it starts, but the keyboard is still lit so there must still be power going through. Another problem is when I turn on the pc and it starts this weird loop, it won't shut down unless I break the power and so does the keyboard of course also stop lighting. I had this problem a month ago where someone said I should clean the computer because it was the PSU overheating and shutting down itself, I did clean the computer and waited for 48 hours, then the computer started. Now I also cleaned the computer but this time it won't work, I'm starting to think it might be something else. Yesterday when I started the computer it was an error and windows error message said "there was trouble starting your computer wait for restart :(" then it all worked, idk if this has something to do with this starting loop but I at least need some help. Thank you.

Here the starting loop video link: click here

UPDATE: Problem almost solved by reinserting the ram. But now my next problem the monitor won't turn on after I fixed the rebooting issue, I have tried reinserting cable etc but it won't work, any ideas? Thank you.

  rdave13 11:40 08 Aug 2018

Check you're connected to the right GPU port. Your card's port not the motherboard's.

  Oskar Friberg 12:10 08 Aug 2018

I'm connected to the GPU and not the motherboard. Any other suggestions? :)

  rdave13 12:13 08 Aug 2018

Remove the card and connect to the mobo's GPU port. If working suggests GPU bad or not connected properly to the PCI-E slot.

  Oskar Friberg 12:36 08 Aug 2018

when plugged into the motherboard it is not working either. I have tested both the monitor and the cable to another computer and they work fine. it is something with my computer. Another thing is when I turn on the computer and leave it on it should go into standby or power saving mode, but it never does. I don't know so much about pc but I guess this is something problematic with the system, not hardware..? Idk.

  Oskar Friberg 12:37 08 Aug 2018

or do I need to remove the GPU from the computer so the mobo port is going to work?

  rdave13 14:07 08 Aug 2018

Yes, as the card disables on-board graphics.

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