PS4 lag whenever family member is on Netflix!

  Jakeman1802 20:43 10 Oct 2018

Hi, recently I bought my sister a power-line adapter to use for her BT box so she can watch Netflix without it buffering every two seconds. However ever since I've bought it for her It makes every game I play so laggy and with high ping. when she's not on Netflix it works perfectly. Has anyone got any options to what I can do? My router is a Sky Q hub. Thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 21:08 10 Oct 2018

From whom is your household internet supply coming and what is the speed contracted?

  Jakeman1802 23:15 10 Oct 2018

My ISP is sky and 40 is contracted I believe

  wee eddie 00:36 11 Oct 2018

Why is she using a BT box. I assume she can get Netflix on your ISP.

  Jakeman1802 15:20 11 Oct 2018

Its not a BT hub its a BT freeview box that has Netflix and catch up on.

  wee eddie 16:24 11 Oct 2018

What is your actual Download Speed?

At the time that you would normally both be using the connection and also at some other time of day or night (not Prime Time) Speed test

  Jakeman1802 17:39 11 Oct 2018

When were both using it, I get about 4 to 5 down and when its just me then about 20 to 25. the tests on the ps4 when were both on stay at around 20 but not sure if they're very accurate.

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