Anti Virus software/Security in TV WiFi?

  rickf 15:05 05 Oct 2018

Hi All, If I access the internet via my TV which has WiFi built-in how can I protect myself from being hacked as it seems there is no way to installed Anti Virus software on the TV. An I being stupid?

  Pine Man 12:04 06 Oct 2018

There is a firewall built into your router but, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think the TV is capable of downloading anything that it doesn't want.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:29 06 Oct 2018

TVs often use a linux or their own op system that the hackers haven't got round to exploiting yet.

  rickf 10:06 07 Oct 2018

Thanks fellas. Just what I need to know.

  Menzie 04:28 08 Oct 2018

As stated most routers have some kind of firewall built into them which should be adequate.

If your router has a guest connection you could also consider setting that up specifically for the TV since the guest network wouldn't have access to the main network.

Another option (overkill IMO) that I'll put out there is a dedicated hardware firewall.

  Quickbeam 06:47 08 Oct 2018

What problems would a malicious hacker cause on a TV?

And would the low impact be worth the malicious bother.

  rickf 09:06 08 Oct 2018

Just concerned that it might serve as a gateway to other devices if hacked.

  rickf 09:08 08 Oct 2018

Of course you read of people having been hacked via their smart devices such a fridges, wifi camera, amazon echo etc.,

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