Conservative party conference half empty.

  rickf 13:05 03 Oct 2018

Watching the conference on the news it looks as if the membership is dying before your eyes, literally.How is the party going to survive with membership at such a reduced scale, especially with the young steering clear of it like a sinking ship. Bit worrying.

  LastChip 15:36 03 Oct 2018

Yes, lacklustre, boring speakers, perhaps with the exception of Lord Digby Jones and Boris Johnson. And that's coming from someone who would never vote Labour!

They really do have to stop navel gazing and wake up and smell the coffee.

The problem is, like it or not, modern politics is driven by media and unless you have a significant number of charismatic speakers that can grab attention, you are not going to survive.

Theresa May (probably) just about did enough. It's the most impressive I've seen her. But it wasn't exactly mind blowing.

  Quickbeam 19:37 03 Oct 2018

She spent far too much time attacking Labour and SNP, that smacks of lack of credibility of your own offering.

What she did have to say about the Tories was no less uninspiring than what Corbyn offered

British politics is being swallowed by the chasm of division, rebelion and apathy.

  rickf 20:44 03 Oct 2018

I am not a Tory supporter but don't wish it to fade into oblivion either. A good democracy needs a government and an opposition/s. Did think it was a bit desperate to dance to Dancing Queen on to stage. If she was trying to look cool to the young it failed miserable. Bit more like an embarrassing parent trying to be hip, a child's nightmare.

  Quickbeam 06:35 04 Oct 2018

Not as desperate as claiming to be welcoming to the Windrush generation who's hounding began under her tenure as Home Secretary!

The claim that the great austerity has ended is under criticism this morning.

  rickf 08:06 04 Oct 2018

Well no indeed, end of austerity that is. It won't come in until 2020/2022 something like that if we are lucky enough to get a Brexit "good deal." Just a sound byte for the conference. Windrush is a scandal but she got away scot free Amber Rudd as the scapegoat.

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