Get Your Green Electricty Here!!

  Pine Man 15:08 08 Aug 2018

I have recently bought a VW Golf hybrid car, which of course needs petrol, occasionally, and electricity, often, for charging its battery. The battery takes about 3½ hours to charge from a three-pin socket and, depending on your tariff, costs about 85p. This works out at roughly a fifth of the cost of petrol to run the car.

Anyway, enough of the sales pitch but my attention was drawn to the VW website and a link to Ecotricity with the heading, ‘Power your car with green energy. Choosing a green energy supplier can make all the difference. Ecotricity, the green energy company, has come together in partnership with Volkswagen to bring renewable energy to your home.

Is that not a bit misleading? Or even a lot misleading? They seem to me to be suggesting that they can provide green energy to my home, which is absolute nonsense short of them laying a cable direct from source to my house. Mind you the price that they quoted me would probably pay for it as it was more than double what I pay at present.

  lotvic 16:02 08 Aug 2018 via National Grid? same way as solar power generated electric click here

History of Ecotricity From Wikipedia click here

  Pine Man 16:10 08 Aug 2018

I am not against green energy, per se, but misleading adverts that may well convince those that already think that there electricity comes from the company that they pay for it, to change to a more expensive 'green' supplier and get the same stuff.

  Quickbeam 19:14 08 Aug 2018

I've been using Bulb as an electric supplier for the last year, they claimed to be sending me greener electricity than other suppliers, but it all smell the same to me.

  bumpkin 19:51 08 Aug 2018

Shocking prices from some suppliers.

  oresome 19:53 08 Aug 2018

"but it all smell the same to me."

No, the stuff from Drax has a definite wood chip aroma.

  bumpkin 21:11 08 Aug 2018

I prefer the hint of sea breeze when I switch my lights on.

  john bunyan 21:55 08 Aug 2018

Until power stations (especially coal ones) install carbon capture, electric cars jus transfer pollution from the road to such power stations.

  lotvic 23:02 08 Aug 2018

Coal fired power stations are gradually being phased out, I think there's 8 left. This one is due to close soon click here

  Quickbeam 06:00 09 Aug 2018

...but the is still 300 years supply of coal underground just waiting for the technology or need to come.

  john bunyan 08:35 09 Aug 2018

Carbon capture technology exists but has not been installed (allegedly for cost reasons)

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