How can this take so long today

  davecartman 08:36 10 Oct 2018

My wife banked a cheque from from a Canadian bank and in Canadian dollars on 6th of August at our local branch ( in England ). As we are now in the tenth week and no money has appeared in the account we rang rang to ask why. Needless to say the person we spoke to did not know why but agreed that it was strange but could not tell us where the money was.He passed us to international banking and after being put on hold several times the person there admitted they also had no idea where the money was but sent an urgent email to our local branch asking them to ring us immediately to sort it out. We stayed in all day and nobody rang. As the banks obviously don't know why this should take so long does anyone out there know ?

  BT 09:01 10 Oct 2018

Seems a very long time to have to wait. Not having ever banked foreign cheques I don't know the timescale.

Now that my local Bank has closed and the nearest bank is several miles away I now use the Post Office Cheque Deposit service which seems most efficient. You get the appropriate envelope from the Post Office (or your Bank. I called Telephone Banking and got a pack of 20) fill out a deposit slip and enclose it all, then just hand it in at the Post Office. They give you a receipt and it appears on your statement in a couple of days.

  BT 09:05 10 Oct 2018

Just had a bit of a Google and it seems it can take at least 4 - 6 weeks to clear a foreign cheque.

  davecartman 09:33 10 Oct 2018

BT We have had Canadian cheques before but made out in £ sterling and they were credited in a few days. I cannot see why it being in dollars takes so long in these days of instant communication. The main problem at the moment is that no one seems to be able to say what stage the transaction is at. 4-6 weeks seems to be the norm but having got to 10 weeks you can see why we are concerned. By the way our local bank is also closed.

  Forum Editor 16:17 10 Oct 2018

Ten weeks is an abnormally long period to wait, and in your shoes I would be contacting the paying bank to see what the problem is - either that, or I would ask the payer to exert some pressure.

In passing, are you aware that such cheques are normally cleared 'with recourse' which means that if fraud or money laundering is suspected you can be asked to repay the money up to 7 years later?

If you often get money from Canada, it might be better to ask the payer to transfer funds via the BACS system.

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