I see that some of our naval personnel

  Forum Editor 17:46 09 Sep 2018

are busily making an absolute disgraceful display of themselves in front of their American hosts.

I hope they are suitably dealt with by the naval disciplinary machine.

  Forum Editor 17:47 09 Sep 2018
  Quickbeam 18:34 09 Sep 2018

Drunk sailors arrested on shore leave, isn't that normality in the navies of the world?

  Al94 19:21 09 Sep 2018

Seems to be, this in Belfast a number of months ago.

  wee eddie 20:15 09 Sep 2018

I'm afraid that that's what Matelots do. The towns around Naval treat such behaviour as if it were a normal Saturday night.

Of course it shouldn't have happened, but the Big Lizzie is no different from any other Capital Ship. If you keep several hundred young men and women cooped up in a box for a while and then let them ashore to a town that is only too keen to relieve them of their wages. This has been going on for generations.

I'm sure that Francis Drake had similar problems. It shouldn't happen but I see no place for righteous indignation

  bumpkin 21:16 09 Sep 2018

Beer in, brains out as they say. Not just for sailors but just about anyone after too much.

  Forum Editor 22:31 09 Sep 2018

The point on this occasion was that our new aircraft carrier was making her maiden voyage, and had just docked at a US naval base. The drunks are reported to be among her crew members.

You would have thought that on this occasion at least, the men could have resisted the temptation to start a drunken brawl in front of the Americans.

  wee eddie 22:40 09 Sep 2018

I agree.

However, when you get two Nations Sailors in a bar, bragging about their own Stuff, it is not an unusual way for the conversation to end!

  Al94 22:47 09 Sep 2018

Seems it is normal and indeed even expected. Six drunk guys, three resisted arrest, fighting amongst themselves, no one else involved. Had it not been big lizzie, probably wouldnt have made the headlines. Ots inexcusable but hardly the crime of the century another take on it

  wee eddie 23:42 09 Sep 2018

Looks like I got the cause wrong

  Cymro. 10:51 10 Sep 2018

F.E. You would have thought that on this occasion at least, the men could have resisted the temptation to start a drunken brawl in front of the Americans.

The fact that this happened in America is not relevant. As for the men resisting temptation well yes but then they do have senior officers to see to such things. I dare say they will be suitably disciplined and their officers spoken to. In the great scheme of things I doubt if this will be remembered for very long.

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