it is time to walk away from the EU

  roger.roger 15:07 20 Sep 2018

and keep our money.

tusk says deal will not work

  rickf 15:30 20 Sep 2018


  wee eddie 15:57 20 Sep 2018

We should walk and call the IRA's bluff.

Stick the Boarder back.

OK, nothing will be the same, there will be a certain amount of dislocation but, in my opinion, it's nothing that we, as a people, cannot overcome

  Pine Man 18:41 20 Sep 2018

call the IRA's bluff.


Stick the Boarder back.


there will be a certain amount of dislocation but, in my opinion, it's nothing that we, as a people, cannot overcome


  john bunyan 20:33 20 Sep 2018

The EU have rejected The Chequers plan. The cliff edge nears.

  Aitchbee 20:55 20 Sep 2018

jb, the odds of a no deal exit are unavailable.

  Quickbeam 22:01 20 Sep 2018

Apparently there will be an 11th hour agreement. apparently...?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:32 20 Sep 2018

This will go to the eleventh hour because the EU don't want to encourage other countries to leave.

  wee eddie 22:46 20 Sep 2018

Actually, I think that at the 12th hour (not the 11th), they will stop the clock and come up with some agreement.

  MJS WARLORD 23:18 20 Sep 2018

we joined the EU and the govt told farmers to dig up hedges to make massive fields that were easy to manage , they also gave so called advice on how to become more efficient , then guess what , FOOD MOUNTAINS , and the govt response was find something else to grow ???

On a more serious note , I think a lot of people who voted to leave were under the impression somebody would say tomorrow were out …. end of ! … but if you try and listen to the news I don't think the people who are organising leave , actually know what to do.

what I predict is , when we are out , the rest of Europe will refuse to sell us something unless we pay top price , at that point we all need to get all so called British companies who went abroad to come back to uk.

we need to start putting " made in Britain " on the stickers of our consumables again.

  Quickbeam 23:45 20 Sep 2018

It will be a bright cold day in April as the clock strikes thirteen that we shall strike a fantastic dystopian deal...

Couldn't resist that one y'know!

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