La Petse, or The Plague... BBC4

  Quickbeam 06:34 02 Sep 2018

On last night was a fantastic gritty Spanish production set in middle ages Seville. It has everything, grim deaths, realistic sets, sex, whores, corrupt clergy, desperate poor, hidiously wealthy rich, merchant's political intrigue, non-believers and homosexuality all with the threat of discovery by the inquisition that don't approve of any kind of free thinking.

But why in this age can it not be dubbed into English on a red button option? I had to sit up straight from my usual prone sofa viewing position the read the script!

Yeah, I know I'm lazy... But the technology must exist to let us choose, the BBC regularly advertises speaking plots for the blind, and subtitles for the deaf. So why can't the lazy have English dubbing?

  rickf 10:36 02 Sep 2018

I both agree and disagree. Often the video is out of sync when the language is dubbed and it also feels artificial which, for me, takes away the authentic feel of the movie. I often watch French movies and it helps my ears to familiarise with the intonation of the spoken language to improve my basic French I do accept your point that it can be trying to keep up with the subtitles and watching the action at the same time. On a slightly different note, the German film "In The Fade" with Diane Krugger, is for me, a must watch. Released in DVD only but also available on Prime.

  Quickbeam 17:26 02 Sep 2018

Das Boat is a good film in German, but the scripts is pretty sparse, so you don't miss much.

There are some good Scandinavian dramas too that 'I'd prefer a dubbed version, and last year or maybe two years ago there was a great Icelandic drama.

But after 8pm, I like to watch TV lying sideways on the sofa!

  Quickbeam 06:20 16 Sep 2018

Well that was worth persevering with, it's been the best TV drama I've watched in ages concluding with a skin tingling massed burning of the heretics in public for believing in God the wrong way...

  canarieslover 07:47 16 Sep 2018

I guess I would have got burned with them. Trouble with the past was that you couldn't have a difference of opinion without bloodshed, a bit like the current political scene here.

  Forum Editor 18:07 17 Sep 2018

It has been an excellent series - my wife and I have watched every episode.

"why in this age can it not be dubbed into English on a red button option?"

It would be awful - like watching those ads for toothpaste and other products where you can see that the actors are speaking a different language.

Sub-titles are far better - you can hear the authentic dialogue and the sub-titles are an aid to concentration.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:37 19 Sep 2018

Sub-titles are far better - you can hear the authentic dialogue and the sub-titles are an aid to concentration.

Agree wholeheartedly.

  wee eddie 23:48 19 Sep 2018

Thank you FE.I would not have found it if you hadn't mentioned it

  oresome 10:18 20 Sep 2018

I now view all TV programmes bar live broadcasts with the subtitle option selected.

Live programmes are irritating due to the considerable subtitle lag and often a sound alike incorrect word or phrase is printed, sometimes with amusing results.

I have had an hearing aid fitted recently, but it's fallen into disuse and didn't really help with the TV sound where I still found it easier to read the subtitles.

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