Life expectancy has stalled in the UK

  oresome 09:34 28 Sep 2018

Why is this?

  Forum Editor 10:10 28 Sep 2018


Drug use.

Alcohol dependency.

All of them are on the increase.

  lotvic 10:17 28 Sep 2018

click here BBC/news/health

The ONS said the stalling of life expectancy was linked to a particularly high number of deaths from 2015 to 2017, which coincided with a bad flu season and excess winter deaths.

  Cymro. 10:33 28 Sep 2018

This business of living longer can't go on forever. There must be a cutoff point at which we will have reached the maximum age a human can be expected to live to. Granted science will increase that number and we may even reach immortality eventually but not in my time.

  oresome 11:52 28 Sep 2018

Data shows that the UK lags behind other leading countries for life expectancy, including Switzerland, Japan, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Do they not have the same issues as the FE describes?

  john bunyan 12:20 28 Sep 2018


I would say that lack of exercise here is more prevalent than in the countries you mention. Japan eats far more fish than us and much less dairy such as butter and cheese that have saturated fats with cholesterol. Also we are at the top of the league for alcohol consumption. Some say the Mediterranean diet is good for you , ie S France and Italy, both use more olive oil and less butter. The Dutch cycle a lot.

  Forum Editor 12:52 28 Sep 2018

As a nation we eat too much - especially processed and junk foods.

We drink too much - especially the middle aged.

Just take a good look at the people on the streets - have you noticed a huge increase in the number of fat people? Look at the age grouping - you'll notice far more of them are under 40 than used to be the case, and a far greater proportion of young women are considerably overweight.

Obesity is the curse of the modern age. Well over a quarter of British people are obese, and the figure is rising - we are now the most obese nation in Western Europe. By 2050 over 50% of the population will be obese if nothing is done about the problem.

Levels of Cancers, strokes, heart attacks and diabetes are all linked to obesity, coupled with the fact that we are a lazy nation - people do not take nearly enough physical exercise.

  lotvic 13:21 28 Sep 2018

I've noticed the considerable increase in younger obese people, perhaps they are 'eating themselves into an early grave'.

By 'obese' I mean the ones that have developed what look like 'fat wedges' and young females that have abdomens drooping down to their thighs.

  wee eddie 13:22 28 Sep 2018

Annuity Rates will surely rise.

In your dreams. Pension Companies will be crying all the way to the bank

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