Why is it so difficult delivering parcels?

  oresome 15:52 30 Sep 2018

Twice last week, I got the usual updates from two different carriers regarding progress of my parcels culminating in texts that the parcels had been successfully delivered.

The only thing was, neither parcel was delivered as I was waiting in for them.

One carrier had no communication with the driver and couldn't investigate it for 24 hrs until he returned to the depot and the other carrier sent a photo of the bungalow where they had delivered it! There are no bungalows on the street where I live and the street name is unique with no derivatives like Mount, Grove, Crescent etc to confuse the unwary.

Fortunately the first parcel was delivered to someone I knew several streets away and they brought it round and the recipients of the second parcel must have got the driver to return as he delivered it later and said I didn't need to sign as it had been signed for already.

Quite why people sign for parcels not addressed to them is another story.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:45 30 Sep 2018

Ordered a package from Amazon, week last Friday, dispatched to carrier (Royal Mail) last Sunday 23rd - still waiting.

  rdave13 17:03 30 Sep 2018

Same issue with Yodel. Tracking said delivered. Was in all day and nothing showed up. Turned out they delivered it to another village which had no likeness to our address whatsoever. Eventually sorted out. Language problem possibly?

  BT 08:11 01 Oct 2018

Had all sort of problems over the years

New Mattress didn't arrive. Carriers said they'd left it in my garage. WRONG!! lived in a first floor flat at the time+ -no garage.

Best one was when the Royal Mail said they couldn't find my address. My house has the street name sign outside and a big number on the wall.

  HondaMan 09:39 01 Oct 2018

A good deal of it is, I am sorry to say, lack of interest - or worse - on the part of the driver!

  Quickbeam 10:06 01 Oct 2018

Excessive driver pressure caused by only being paid for delivered items.

  Cymro. 10:38 01 Oct 2018

HondaMan A good deal of it is, I am sorry to say, lack of interest - or worse - on the part of the driver!

Quickbeam Excessive driver pressure caused by only being paid for delivered items.

Perhaps if they paid these people a decent wage they would do a better job. Yes I know it's no excuse but I wouldn't do it for the money they get.

  bumpkin 19:44 01 Oct 2018

I get lots of deliveries. I know how little they get paid so I offered the always cheerful hermes driver a £2 coin as a tip sfter she had lugged in a huge parcel and put it in my garage, she was amazed and asked me why.

  Forum Editor 06:45 02 Oct 2018

Most of the stuff I order is from Amazon, and is delivered to a local pick-up point. so far that system has worked perfectly.

Larger stuff tends to come from John Lewis, and is delivered to the house by them, or sent to our local Waitrose store for me to collect.

Occasional courier deliveries have always worked OK - so far. Like bumpkin, I usually give the driver a couple of pounds.

  Quickbeam 06:48 02 Oct 2018

Regarding the deliveries now compared to a few years ago, I think it's much easier now. I use Ebay a lot and prefer to buy from the seller that offers click and collect at Argos. Other online sellers offer various delivery options to a local shop for collection of items that I know are to big to post through the letter box when I know I won't be in. Even the Post office will now leave parcels with a neighbour now when they always used to return it to the sorting office. if it needs a signature, they'll leave it at the nearest Post office.

So if anything, it's much easier to get a parcel now than ever.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:56 12 Oct 2018

My parcel has finally arrived 3 weeks after being dispatch, note through the door from the post person saying taking back to delivery centre but managed to cath them on their rounds of the estate.

Annoyingly I had to pay an exorbitant price from Rymans for some items to keep me going while waiting.

Seller and Amazon were OK it was a Royal Mail problem. Unfortunately since the local CO OP closed there isn't a local Amazon pick up point.

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