0xc0150004 error cant open new programs

  lenzo 15:20 19 Sep 2018

I get this error whenever i try to open newly installed .exes, but i can still run my old programs perfectly fine. The full error is "The program was unable to start correctly (Oxc0150004) all fixes online do not seem to work.

  Taff™ 07:28 23 Sep 2018

I missed this one and I have found it several times. It is caused by failed or mis-installed updates and affects particularly Windows 10 Creator updates which are the 6 month FULL Operating System installs. These have been effective for nearly two years but the problem also affects Window 7.

First thing to do is use System restore to take you back I would suggest, 2 months. Everything should work then however you may find that System Restore will not itself work with the same error message.If so you can try it from CMD prompt as administrator but even I found it can also refuse to work.

Next port of call is to reinstall the OS having first backed up all date. Also make sure you have all your Licence Keys to hand to reinstall your personal software. If not use Belarc Advisor to obtain them.

If you are working with a Windows 10 machine I suggest you might want to Download the Sring Creators Edition 2018 using the Microsoft Media Creators tool and burn to Disc or USB Stick for a fresh install.

Post back if you have any questions.

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