Find Software Key on External Disk

  Cedric4 02:44 07 Jul 2018

I am trying to recover at least part of the licence key for a MS Office 2015 installation. It is on a 1TB 2 1/2”drive, in an approx 500GB partition that is C:/ drive and contains W10 v1607. I suspect the W10 is corrupted, and may not run. I connect it to my W10 Desktop via a USB case, and run Belarc. I think Belarc is referring to the disk as "ASMT 2115 USB Device [Hard Drive] (1000.20 GB) --drive 2, s/n 00000000000000000000". Further down Belarc’s info I see the various Office products I have on the desktop’s C:/ drive and their licences, but Office 2015 is not shown. Apart from trying to get this disk to boot, is there any way of retrieving the Office 2015 licence via the external disk connection?

Secondly, what file opens any of the Office 2015 products, and what path? If I run Office 2015 from the desktop, is there any way of displaying the licence key?

I have taken an Easeus image of the partition containing W10 v1607 and Office 2015 and installed the image on another disk. After considerable work to fix errors (BCD etc) the new HDD booted, but Office 2015 has not come across - I don’t know what sort of error lead to a repair shop changing the HDD over.

The fellow who uses this laptop has no understanding of computers. He purchased Office 2015 from a retail store, hence there is no email trace of the licence key. The retailer would not have registered him against the licence key. He has thrown out the packaging along with the record of the key. It is unlikely he ever registered it, but just in case he did, can you advise how we locate any records Microsoft might have?

  Taff™ 10:38 07 Jul 2018

Alternative to Mr Calif Magical Jelly Bean

  Taff™ 10:52 07 Jul 2018

Now there wasn't a Microsoft Office 2015 - the sequence ran Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010 then 2016 I think.

So he might have had maybe Office 365? Online version accessible through his Microsoft Account Credentials. If he logs into that you should see the licences and current status there. Microsoft 365 is a subscription based version of Office of course.

LibreOffice will open current formats of all MS Office versions but that won't give you the original Licence version details. It is free though and if you decide to install that use the Custom Install and select the .XML formats

Hope that helps.

  Cedric4 13:39 07 Jul 2018

The relevant web-pages tell me Nirsoft ProduKey , Magic Jelly Bean and Recover Keys do not work for Office 2013. I have tried and confirmed that is true.

Seems the options (from ) are to see if there is a key in his MS Accounts page, or phone MS, or try to get that old HDD to boot (or buy a new copy of Office).

PS: I now see MS Office versions were 2013, then straight to O365. But when I look at this disk in Windows Explorer while it is an external drive to my desktop, I see a 1.7GB directory G:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15. If you could tell me which file in this area will open this version of Office I should be able to find out what version it is.

  rdave13 13:50 07 Jul 2018

It's Office 2013 click here.

  rdave13 14:08 07 Jul 2018

According to this forum johnrobert said that later version of Office after 2010 don't put the serial key in registry but is tied to your Microsoft account.

  Taff™ 14:14 07 Jul 2018

good detective work guys - we can crack this one!

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