Unsupported hardware warning when trying to down

  curlyboy 16:56 08 Oct 2018

Whilst trying to download updates manually i got this message---Your pc uses a processor that is designed for the latest version of windows.Because the processor is not supported together with the windows version you will miss important updates. windows 7

  wee eddie 22:32 08 Oct 2018

Curlyboy: This would make sense if the PC was built for W10, and then you loaded W7 onto it.


  curlyboy 08:40 09 Oct 2018

Thanks for the answer, but is there any way round it?

  wee eddie 10:49 09 Oct 2018

I doubt it, maybe others will know

  Old Deuteronomy 11:06 09 Oct 2018

Return to Windows 10 seems the obvious answer.

  curlyboy 12:06 09 Oct 2018

Thanks for the replies. its weird because it has down loaded about 30 updates,i have to live with it i suppose.

  curlyboy 10:34 15 Oct 2018

Good morning, owing to the problems with the updates, how easy would it be to upgrade to 10, it sounds like i have the processor for it and what else would i need.

  wee eddie 11:10 15 Oct 2018

We know nothing of your PC. How old is it? What are it's Specs? What OS was originally on it?

  curlyboy 11:26 15 Oct 2018

This is a brand new pc,orignally for 10 but was over ridden for 7.It has a ga-a320m-s2h Mother board.

  wee eddie 15:06 15 Oct 2018

In which case, "Restore to Factory Settings" should do the trick and reinstall Windows 10.

Give it plenty of time and be prepared to leave it online, overnight, to download and install all the updates

  curlyboy 16:21 15 Oct 2018

Thanks for that, can i down load windows 10 from factory settings?

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