Forget the IPL (at least until next spring): the original T20 cricket tournament is back. The Vitality Blast 2018 - new sponsorship means a name change from last year's Natwest t20 Blast - runs from 4 July until the final on 15 September, and there's masses of cricket for you to enjoy.

In this article we explain how to watch the Vitality Blast T20 cricket live on TV (and on free highlights), how to listen on the radio and how to follow the scores online, as well as listing upcoming fixtures. If you're more interested in England's ongoing international fixtures, see How to watch England vs India cricket live.

Match schedule

By our count there will be 151 matches in this year's Blast, so we're not going to list every single one. Instead we'll list the upcoming matches together with the dates of the finals for your diaries. Full fixture lists can be found on the ECB website.

Group stage

The Vitality Blast starts with a group stage before proceeding to a knockout phase. There are only two groups, however, with nine teams in each; that means every team is guaranteed 16 matches, for a total of 144.

Here are the matches for this week and next week; all times are UK local time.

  • 7 Aug, 6.30pm: Lancashire Lightning vs Durham Jets [live on Sky Sports Cricket]
  • 7 Aug, 6.30pm: Glamorgan vs Essex Eagles
  • 8 Aug, 6.30pm: Durham Jets vs Leicestershire Foxes
  • 8 Aug, 6.30pm: Hampshire vs Somerset [live on Sky Sports Cricket and Sky Sports Main Event]
  • 8 Aug, 7pm: Derbyshire Falcons vs Northamptonshire Steelbacks
  • 9 Aug, 4.30pm: Worcestershire Rapids vs Derbyshire Falcons
  • 9 Aug, 6.30pm: Surrey vs Sussex Sharks
  • 9 Aug, 6.30pm: Gloucestershire vs Middlesex
  • 9 Aug, 7pm: Birmingham Bears vs Notts Outlaws
  • 9 Aug, 7pm: Yorkshire Vikings vs Lancashire Lightning [live on Sky Sports Cricket and Sky Sports Main Event]
  • 10 Aug, 4.30pm: Somerset vs Surrey
  • 10 Aug, 6.30pm: Leicestershire Foxes vs Worcestershire Rapids
  • 10 Aug, 6.30pm: Notts Outlaws vs Yorkshire Vikings
  • 10 Aug, 6.30pm: Lancashire Lightning vs Birmingham Bears
  • 10 Aug, 6.30pm: Northamptonshire Steelbacks vs Durham Jets
  • 10 Aug, 7pm: Essex Eagles vs Gloucestershire
  • 10 Aug, 7pm: Sussex Sharks vs Kent Spitfires
  • 10 Aug, 7pm: Glamorgan vs Hampshire [live on Sky Sports Cricket]
  • 11 Aug, 7pm: Derbyshire Falcons vs Leicestershire Foxes [live on Sky Sports Cricket and, from 8pm, on Sky Sports Main Event]
  • 12 Aug, 2.30pm: Hampshire vs Essex Eagles
  • 12 Aug, 2.30pm: Durham Jets vs Lancashire Lightning
  • 12 Aug, 2.30pm: Worcestershire Rapids vs Notts Outlaws
  • 12 Aug, 2.30pm: Gloucestershire vs Surrey
  • 12 Aug, 2.30pm: Somerset vs Glamorgan
  • 12 Aug, 3pm: Kent Spitfires vs Middlesex
  • 14 Aug, 6.30pm: Sussex Sharks vs Glamorgan
  • 15 Aug, 6.30pm: Surrey vs Hampshire
  • 15 Aug, 7pm: Birmingham Bears vs Lancashire Lightning
  • 16 Aug, 6.15pm: Middlesex vs Essex Eagles
  • 16 Aug, 6.30pm: Northamptonshire Steelbacks vs Yorkshire Vikings
  • 16 Aug, 6.30pm: Gloucestershire vs Sussex Sharks
  • 16 Aug, 7pm: Kent Spitfires vs Somerset
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Hampshire vs Gloucestershire
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Durham Jets vs Derbyshire Falcons
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Glamorgan vs Surrey
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Sussex Sharks vs Middlesex
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Leicestershire Foxes vs Northamptonshire Steelbacks
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Essex Eagles vs Kent Spitfires
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Birmingham Bears vs Worcestershire Rapids
  • 17 Aug, 6.30pm: Yorkshire Vikings vs Notts Outlaws

Knockout stage

At the end of the group stage (which finishes on 17 Aug), the top four teams in each group qualify for the quarter-finals.

  • 23 Aug, 5.30pm: Quarter-final 1
  • 24 Aug, 5.30pm: Quarter-final 2
  • 25 Aug, 2.30pm: Quarter-final 3
  • 26 Aug, 2.30pm: Quarter-final 4
  • 15 Sep, 11am: Semi-final 1
  • 15 Sep, 2.30pm: Semi-final 2
  • 15 Sep, 6.45pm: Final

How to watch Vitality Blast T20 cricket live: Sky Sports Cricket

How to watch live on Sky Sports

Assuming you don't want to get down the ground and watch in person, the way to watch a Vitality Blast T20 cricket game live is on Sky Sports, which has the rights.

The complication is that frequently there will be more than one game happening at once (sometimes there are internationals happening too), and Sky has only one cricket channel. In these cases Sky chooses to show whichever it thinks is the most appealing match and the other(s) game(s) will just get periodic updates.

Occasionally Sky will show one cricket match on Sky Sports Cricket and a different one on Sky Sports Main Event, but that is rare, and two matches is the absolute most cricket Sky can show at any one time.

As time goes on and more information is released we will add notes to games that are being shown live on Sky in the schedule above.

To watch the matches you'll need not only a Sky subscription (which starts at £20 per month), but a Sky Sports package for an extra £18 on top.

Click here to browse Sky's sport packages.

How to watch Vitality Blast T20 cricket live: Now TV

Now TV

Instead of signing up for a Sky subscription, you can buy a pay-as-you-go Now TV pass, which gives you a day, week or month of Sky Sports coverage for a fixed payment.

A day pass is £7.99, a week pass is £12.99 and a month pass is £33.99 per month. Be warned that the month pass rolls on to the next month if you don't cancel it.

Click here to browse Now TV's Sky Sports Pass packages.

Watching with a VPN

If you're a Sky or Now TV subscriber and would like to watch the matches on your holidays abroad, you need to be thinking about a VPN, which lets you 'browse from the UK' even when you're not here.

We recommend NordVPN, but for more choices take a look at our best VPNs chart.

Follow the score online

The Cricinfo website and app are our recommendations for ball-by-ball text commentary and detailed stats.