Over in the US Amazon has been offering free shipping on all Christmas orders, but the same has not been true for the UK and we've had to find other ways to bag free delivery, as we outline below. But now for one week only it is possible to get free delivery on all orders at Amazon UK - just enter FREEDELIVERY at checkout and select the Standard Delivery option. This offer is valid until 5 December.

After this offer ends, the first and most obvious way to get free delivery on every purchase at Amazon is to sign up for a free trial on Amazon Prime. You get free next-day delivery on items, as well as a bunch of other perks. That trial is valid for 30 days, and as long as you remember to cancel before it finishes you'll never pay a penny. 

You might think you've already used your free trial, but if it's been more than 12 months since your previous trial you can sign up again. This means you could benefit from free delivery for Black Friday and Christmas every year.

You could also sign up with another email address and payment details, or use someone else's Prime account to buy the item.

But there is also a way to get free delivery at Amazon Prime without using Prime at all, as we'll outline below.

How to get free delivery on Amazon without Prime

Qualifying for free delivery used to be easy, but Amazon now demands you spend £20 on goods (£10 on books; £25 in ROI). So you can spend £16 on goods and fork out £4 for delivery, costing you a total of £20, or you can spend £20 on goods and get free delivery, still costing you £20.

It's also incredibly frustrating when you've searched far and wide for the best deal on the web, yet the delivery charges push you over what you wish or can afford to spend.

The best way to get around this is with a 'filler item' - something that costs a few pounds, will be of some use to you, but more importantly makes you feel as though you are getting your money's worth. While you'll still pay £20 in total, you will receive £20 of goods in return. And you can always sell or give away the items you don't want.

The only difficulty here is finding the items that will take your basket total up to £20 - and more specifically, items at the right price that are also Super Saver Delivery compatible. There are some services that can help.

How to find filler items

We like FillerChecker.co.uk, which searches Amazon UK for items of a specific price. You can narrow down the search by category - such as Beauty - to help you find something you might actually want to use.

Browse to the website, then enter the amount you need to spend to fill your basket to £20. In our case that's £2.01.

Now choose a category from the drop-down menu or leave it set to All Products. We've chosen Office products.

Amazon Filler Checker

Click Find It! to begin your search.

FillerChecker will search Amazon's entire UK store for items that are as close to that amount as possible, then return a list of results ordered by price from low to high. 

Amazon Filler Checker

We found a Metallic Silver Sharpie for £2.02 that takes our basket up to the required amount for free delivery and could come in handy for Christmas. Had we not used Filler Checker we would have no pen and would be paying an extra £3.95 for delivery.

There are plenty of other services that do much the same thing if you don't fancy FillerChecker.