Software How-To

  • download youtube iphone

    How to Download YouTube to iPhone & iPad

    Save YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad for offline watching

    18 Oct 2018

  • how to delete cookies and browsing history

    How to delete cookies and browsing history

    Make sure your movements are kept private and hide your digital footsteps

    17 Oct 2018

  • windows 10 1600 3

    How to Remove Windows 10 Startup Programs

    Does your computer take a long time to load? Too many programs launching at once could be your problem

    16 Oct 2018

  • how to delete files that wont delete

    How to delete files that won’t delete

    Having trouble deleting files in Windows? Here are some ways to get rid of them

    09 Oct 2018

  • tech industry 01 800

    How to block pop ups

    Stop annoying pop up messages appearing as you surf and compute

    09 Oct 2018

  • MS Windows 800

    How to reinstall Windows

    We explain step by step how to reinstall Windows on your PC or laptop

    09 Oct 2018

  • tech industry 01 thumb336

    How to defrag a hard drive

    Defragging sounds like gaming jargon, but it could actually speed up your PC

    08 Oct 2018

  • itv hub

    How to watch ITV Hub from abroad

    Here's how to keep up with all things ITV when you're outside the UK

    05 Oct 2018

  • how to recover deleted files

    How to Recover Deleted Files

    Find and restore accidentally deleted documents, photos and other files from memory cards and USB drives

    02 Oct 2018

  • windows logo

    How to Reset Windows

    Restore your laptop to its original settings

    28 Sep 2018

  • android main

    How to run Android apps in Windows

    How to run Android apps in Windows 10

    28 Sep 2018

  • how to get word free

    How to get Microsoft Word for free

    Microsoft Office doesn't come pre-installed but you can get it for nothing

    25 Sep 2018

  • xbox store

    How to get a refund for an Xbox One or Windows 10 game

    If you buy a digital game from the Microsoft Store, soon you'll be able to get a refund

    25 Sep 2018

  • now tv logo

    How to watch Now TV on Windows

    Now TV requires its own software to watch from your Windows PC - here's how to get hold of it

    21 Sep 2018

  • downloadpdf1

    How to remove a password from a PDF file

    Quickly remove a password from a PDF file

    19 Sep 2018

  • update graphics card drivers

    How to update your graphics card drivers

    You always want to be running the latest graphics card drivers for the best performance.

    18 Sep 2018

  • how to buy movies online chromecast

    How to buy a movie online: rent, buy or subscribe?

    Building a movie collection online saves space and is usually more convenient for viewing, but is there a hidden danger?

    17 Sep 2018

  • most common whatsapp scams

    Most Common WhatsApp Scams

    Free shopping vouchers, dodgy links and malware, number transfer requests - all the WhatsApp scams you should recognise and delete

    14 Sep 2018

  • how to delete all messages in gmail main

    How to delete all Gmail messages

    Clear your cluttered inbox by using these tips for deleting messages in Gmail

    11 Sep 2018

  • how to block people on gmail main

    How to block someone in Gmail

    Stop unwanted emails by blocking senders on Gmail

    05 Sep 2018

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