Huawei’s sub-brand Honor releases many phones in many regions every year and we see most of them hit UK shores. From £99 up to around £500 its handsets cover a range of needs and budgets. We rate them as some of the best cheap and mid-range phones on the market.

It’s unfortunate that as part of North America’s ban on Huawei devices, US customers are missing out on Honor phones.

Despite this the Honor 11 will be the company’s next major flagship device following the launch of the Honor View 20 in January 2019. It will succeed the Honor 10, a well-rounded phone that bears similarities to the Huawei P20.

When is the Honor 11 coming out?

Honor has a habit of announcing phones in China a month or so before a European launch. The Honor 10 was unveiled in China in April 2018 with the UK launch happening in May.

So, you can expect the same to happen this year with a China launch of the Honor 11 around April.

How much will the Honor 11 cost?

Hopefully Honor will stick to its pricing structure and sell the Honor 11 in the UK for £399. This is the price of the Honor 10.

This line costs slightly less than the View series – the View 10 sold for £449 as it usually has slightly better specs and camera set ups.

What features will the Honor 11 have?

The Honor View 20 will be the phone the Honor 11 is sold alongside at the top of the company’s line. The View 20 has one of the first hole-punch notches in the top left corner of the display for the camera rather than a central notch.

The Honor 11 may well have one of these, or it could opt for the more popular dewdrop notch. Either way, companies really don’t like putting cameras in bezels at the moment, do they?

Given the Honor 10 had practically the same specs as the Huawei P20 Pro (a phone that costs double) the Honor 11 could well end up aping the upcoming Huawei P30, a phone we expect to have the powerful Kirin 980 processor.

The Honor 11 will therefore be a top-end spec phone for a lot less than its Huawei counterpart. This is always the case, but the Honor phones do look different, often with more curves in the body and no doubt a vibrant royal blue colour scheme.

The camera set up on the Honor 10 was notably inferior to the Huawei P20 Pro though with one less sensor and software smarts that weren’t quite up to the task. We imagine this will be the same for the Honor 11 – Huawei will share its processor but not all the things that make its own high-end phones so compelling.

Honor introduced its AI camera tech with the Honor 10 though, and it improved images in some scenarios even if it over saturated images in others. Hopefully the 11 will improve things in this regard.

As it stands there are no leaks for the Honor 11 out in the wild. When we have more information on it we’ll let you know.